Bruce Staples - President
Bruce has been successful in the interconnect business for over 15 years. Bruce is a top quality sales professional highly qualified to help you make decisions about your business' telecommunications needs. Bruce has been associated with Panasonic and Telrad products for 9 years in Austin, and has sold telephone systems to over 300 Austin area businesses. He looks forward to providing you with all your telecommunications needs. Feel free to contact Bruce about your needs for a new system, or for any reason.

Amy Arsenault Vice President
Amy has over 15 years in the telecommunications industry. She has excelled in all aspects of the business including sales, service, support, training and management. Amy cut her teeth in this industry on Telrad products, and has worked directly for Panasonic as their corporate technical trainer. Amy is committed to helping businesses find the right products for their telecommunications needs and providing top quality customer service. Amy can answer any questions you may have about your system or its capabilities.