WIN Communications
WIN Communications has been in the telephone systems industry since the beginning of time. They were formally known as Walker Communications, and have evolved with the times. WIN is a perfect solution for the small to medium size business that wants the most bang for their buck. Communications Plus is a fairly new WIN dealer. All of our technicians are factory trained and certified on all WIN products. To learn more about WIN and their products, go to their web site, then contact us, because you definitely canít loose with WIN.

Communications Plus is the only authorized Telrad dealer in the Austin area. We have certified technicians and can offer the latest products and software releases from Telradís entire product line. We can service all existing Telrad systems from the Analog 2464 to the new Unite 1000 system. Telrad offers the latest in technology including the new Avanti style telephones and Voice Over IP solutions. For more information on Telrad products, visit their web site directly, and then call Communications Plus to hook you up.

Panasonic DBS
Since 1984 Panasonic has been marketing the Digital Business Systems (DBS) line of products. The DBS has always been a solid, stable feature rich and user-friendly system. As of March 31, 2003, Panasonic will no longer sell or market the DBS line of products. Communications Plus is the only Authorized Panasonic DBS dealer in the Austin area. With certified technicians able to address any service related issue, we will continue to service DBS as long as there are customers that have the systems. If you have an existing system and need to expand, but donít feel like you need a new system, we can help you. We will still be able to acquire equipment and parts from Panasonic. If you have questions or concerns about your system, please, Donít Be Silly, feel free to contact us.