Preferred Partner Program

Our Preferred Partner Program was created by Communications Plus to cover your phone system after the standard warranty has expired. Below is a list of what is included in the Preferred Partner Program. Please contact us for a quote.

Preferred Partner - Program Customer No Program
All parts needing repair or replacement Included Billable
All labor incurred for service related issues Included Billable
Annual Preventative maintenance inspection Included Billable
Unlimited Remote programming during normal business hours Included Billable
Unlimited Programming assistance via phone and email Included Billable
On site programming for simple changes during service call Included Billable
Local carrier diagnosis calls Included Billable
Manufacturer’s Software Revisions and Updates Included Billable
Software upgrades due to problems Included Billable
System Program Back up Included Billable
System wire and Jack maintenance repair Included Billable
Unlimited Training for new employees or refresher Included Billable
Email product updates from Manufacturer Included Only on Request
Updates on Dezi’s twice a year if needed Included Billable
User guides upon request Included Billable
Handset and station cord replacement as needed Included Billable
Adds Moves or Changes Billable Billable
Fixed add-on pricing for equipment Billable Not Available
Annual audit of connectivity charges Included Billable
Technicians dispatched 24/7/365 Included Overtime rates may apply