Innovative Technology Set to Replace Outdated Voicemail Systems
AUSTIN, TX – July 25, 2021 - Communications Plus, Inc., a leader in unified communications, announced today that it has launched a data safety program to protect its customers from the expected increase in rolling blackouts and brownouts this summer. Companies across the board are using more energy to power their businesses than ever before and increasing energy demands are putting a strain on major energy suppliers. In years past, energy suppliers have turned to blackouts and brownouts as a last resort, yet in the coming months blackouts will be an unfortunate necessity.
Every year companies face this problem, along with other disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, storms, power outages and floods. Oftentimes these disasters cause major disruptions to the business and in some cases companies can lose critical computer files or company records. Most businesses can’t afford to lose these files or have their phones down during peak hours. As a result, many businesses have turned to Communications Plus to help eliminate these threats, and are leveraging their technological expertise to create a competitive advantage for themselves.
Business Continuity Disaster Recovery (BCDR) automatically creates failsafes for key communications systems, so in the event of an emergency, businesses can run uninterrupted. For example, if a phone line were to go down, incoming calls would immediately be transferred to a backup carrier and calls would then be routed to cell phones instantly. Another example of BCDR in action is when all computer files are automatically backed up at the end of every day and saved to a different location so they can immediately be accessed in the event of an emergency. Communications Plus’ team is filled with technology experts, who know many other practical ways to apply futuristic technology to solve today’s real business problems.
“It is our responsibility as our customers’ trusted technology advisor to protect our customers’ data networks and business phone systems from any event that could cause them to go down such as a power outage or natural disaster,” stated Bruce Staples, Presidentof Communications Plus. “Our objective is to give business owners peace of mind that their technology is secure and accessible so they can focus on growing their businesses.”
Communications Plus strives to be Austin’s most customer-oriented business telephone and data Telecommunications Company. Serving Austin, Corpus Christi and surrounding areas for the past 20 years, the company’s goal is excellent customer satisfaction through superior service. Communications Plus provides its customers with state of the art products, which are serviced by Factory Certified technicians. Customers are thoroughly trained in every component of their system by Communications Plus’ highly experienced customer service team.
Communications Plus is a proactive outsourcing partner that suggests meaningful improvements in business processes, and share best practices. We help establish goals that focus on how improved IT services delivery will result in better business value.